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Play fast and loose with your active wear this season: these sporty looks from Redtag are about looking as good off the track as on.
Tracksuits, sweatpants and hoodies have been brought bang up to date with colour blocking and cool new styles.


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Dubai-based lifestyle blogger and social media star, Sai Manzano of Sand Gypsy fame, is renowned for her stunning looks and awesome personal style.
We’re thrilled that fashion guru Sai has teamed up with Redtag to share her top denim picks for the new year. Here’s a sneak preview of the new denim delights you can’t live without…


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A foodie, a stationery lover and a graphic designer, Hanane Fathallah of www.nounzilicious.blogspot.ae is the Lebanese plus size fashion blogger.
She struggled all her life with standard-sized fashion but things have evolved now with the rise of the plus size movement.
A full-time mum with a creative edge, she shifts from being mama-on-the-go, to plus size fashionista in no time. It is a state of mind.
From magazine articles, blog posts and outfit photos, she writes in hopes of shedding more light on plus size women in the MENA region.
Plus size fashion, body positivity and 100% confidence with Redtag!


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This festive season, dress to impress thanks to our exclusive collaboration with Lebanese superstar and style icon, Cyrine Abdel Nour. We’re thrilled to unveil the latest collection of Inspired by Cyrine, a stunning selection of luxe evening wear in ivory, black and gold – sure to give you star quality whatever the festive occasion!

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It’s time to combat the drop in temperatures with panache. We show you how to master the art of winter dressing by layering knits, gilets and padded jackets in this season’s hottest colour palette of burgundy, tan, black and cream. Feel cosy, look cool…

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Mommy Blogger Corrine Fuchs of www.mommyindubai.com has put together these adorable and trendy head-to-toe winter looks for boys. Unbelievably affordable, both you and your kids will love shopping at Redtag this winter.

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Mommy Blogger Corrine Fuchs of www.mommyindubai.com has put together these adorable and trendy head-to-toe winter looks for girls. Unbelievably affordable, both you and your kids will love shopping at Redtag this winter.


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As the temperatures drop, cool kids get a chance to rock the new season styles. Top of the list? Denim, sneakers and light layers.
We’re loving the new colours and funky details that add an edge to these timeless buys.



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Select a style that fits not only your personality, but your lifestyle too. This certainly does not entail that you should be wearing the exact same style of shirt, skirt or dress all the time, all year round. What it means is that you should be sporting outfits that compliment you, are within your comfort zone, all while taking ‘mini leaps’ to enhance it and make it ‘yours’ via outlandish touches of style.

In collaboration with the amazing Redtag, I have created three different looks with unique styles, but at the same time, all of them totally suit my personal characteristics and lifestyle.


In the first look, I channeled my inner every day casual girl and selected an outfit based around denim. Honestly, I believe in denim so much that I think that it goes with literally anything you wear! However, personally, for myself, I opted to keep this casual style closer towards the classic boho chic look by choosing an oversized denim shirt while sporting some slight dramatic touches via prints and patterns on the pants.



For my second whirl around the style train, the ballerina inside of me leaped out and took control of my style choices by finding something that was a gorgeous mix of femininity and class. From the girly colours that are perfect for a relaxed, breezy lunch out with your friends or even just a casual meeting outside the office, I made this classic look still seem fresh by opting for cuts that complimented my figure and keeping things interesting by selecting a t-shirt with prints on it.



Finally, for the third look, I represented all the dramatic confident power ladies out there by pairing a pencil skirt with a little dramatic flair with a simple yet classic shirt. For the extra ‘oomph’ factor, I finished off the outfit with a gorgeous pair of edgy heels to complete and balance the look.


All in all, there is a running theme among my three chosen looks and it all comes down to one word: class. So for me, I do have a classic style and love to amp everything up with a bit of drama. I hope you found this simple exercise useful and that you’ll be showcasing your enhanced style in no time!

Thank you Redtag so much for all the diverse choices in your store that allowed me to put together those three amazing looks so easily!

Image consultant Wafa Toutounji is the energy and brain behind Applique Stylist, an image consulting company in Dubai. A certified consultant Wafa always believes in the importance of helping people achieve their true beauty and potential.